Divestar DiveTeam

Adventures are only real adventures if you experience them with other, and then can talk about it for a long time afterwards….

The Divestar DiveTeam is exactly that: Experiencing adventures with other in a group. Some dive weekly, some only on holidays, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to come, but if you do, we are there for you! We dive in our pool every friday night, and discuss and plan our next adventures afterwards. In summer we are often on the road to dive in lakes and seas and somedives go diving for a weekend or even a full on dive trip. Our DiveTeam is also internationally orientated, so expect English to be the main language in our Team! We’ve got 3 types of membership for our DiveTeam; ‘Standard’, ‘Light’ and ‘Extra’. ‘Standard’ for our normal members with weekly pool trainings, ‘Light’ mostly for member that live a bit further away, but still want to stay involved and connected (without the pool trainings) and ‘Extra’ for members that don’t have diving equipment just yet. Standard and Extra members also enjoy discounts on equipment rentals and for example, courses.

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